Why Choose Wood?

Nothing makes a stronger testament to timeless, elegant beauty than the natural warmth of wood. Known for its strength, wood gives both the inviting feel of home and becoming one with nature.

Assured Corp has created a portfolio of premier manufacturers who specialize in using the finest quality hardwoods and softwoods to provide both aesthetic beauty and consistent performance. From Mahogany to Rustic Oak, Walnut and Cherry to Fir and Cedar, each species creates its own distinct feel and personality, with the ability to be molded and shaped to fit traditional or contemporary designs. We’ve selected products that are hand-crafted, with special attention to detail, paired with innovative research to meet the highest standards for energy efficiency, air and water resistance, and thermal performance.

Each type of wood brings its own beauty to architectural design. Historic landmarks, traditional luxury homes and stately universities love wood for its timeless elegance, the warmth it brings to any interior, and its natural durability under the harshest conditions. Contemporary homes and offices enjoy the lightness of wood, the flexibility of look and feel when clad with aluminum or copper, and its many uses in an eco-friendly space.  Our manufacturers use wood harvested under sustainable and responsible forestry practices; and whether custom-built or production-made, our selection represents the finest windows and doors available on the market today.

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Wood creates a natural glow and ambiance unmatchable by any other material. The sheer warmth and elegance of wood enriches both classic and contemporary themes. Whether showcasing a natural landscape or glittering view of the city, wood provides a unique framework of timeless tradition.  Durability, air & water resistance, and energy efficiency only enhances wood’s natural sustainability and eco-friendliness.  Click on the pages above to see more about our wood manufacturers, and look through our gallery to see what wood can do for your next project.