Why Choose Aluminum?

Huge Expanses. Colors that pop with vivacity or flow into nature. Sustainable and recyclable. For many architects, the eco-friendly choice with unbeatable performance is aluminum. The lightness and durability of aluminum paired with its adaptability to any design or theme, plus the array of colors unmatched by any other material make it easy to use while still delivering superior energy, thermal, and acoustic performance.

Assured Corp has worked with the premier aluminum manufacturers in the industry to bring both performance-based and sustainably-oriented solutions to our clients. Our manufacturers focus on superior performance and the durability to withstand harsh conditions, while still showcasing aluminum’s natural beauty through unique designs and a wide variety of colors and finishes.

Architects love using aluminum for historic replications because of its light weight and corrosion resistance, while still delivering a historic look and feel. High rises and commercial buildings are a natural fit because of aluminum’s ability to support large panes and curtain walls while maintaining high levels of energy efficiency and thermal performance. Airports and other designs that require sound attenuation specifically choose aluminum for its ability to deliver high acoustic performance in addition to thermal and energy efficiency.

Architects choose aluminum for luxury homes because of its ability to bring the outside into your home, and the vast possibilities aluminum provides for architectural themes and designs. Use window walls to view sweeping landscapes that provide the finishing touch to any design. A vibrant array of colors runs the entire spectrum from traditional to contemporary, and allows you to create any look, any feel, anywhere.  Finishes are perfect for both traditional and unique designs because of their ability to add texture, depth, color and style to your architectural theme.  Imagine brilliant views of the city and bright washes of natural light that highlight your architectural design, all framed by bright or soothing colors that complete your favorite place to relax, meditate, entertain and enjoy. 

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Aluminum’s natural flexibility as a material and design element offer limitless possibilities to any architect. Historic or contemporary, avant-garde or traditional, aluminum is unmatchable in its spectrum of colors, finishes and ability to blend with all architectural themes. Acoustic performance, energy efficiency and thermal performance make it a perfect choice for historic replications, designer residences and towering skyscrapers. Visit the pages above to learn more about our aluminum partners, or spend some time in our gallery and see how aluminum can enhance your next design.