When it’s Special, Choose Parrett.

Custom-built and hand-crafted, Parrett’s attention to detail and commitment to quality make it the premier choice for historic reproductions and any project that requires specialty wood windows and doors. Starting as a family-owned business over 20 years ago, Parrett takes special pride in their work, completing every detail to exact specifications, lovingly handled by a team committed to excellence.

Well-versed in both historic reproductions as well as new construction, Parrett is dedicated to presenting the best value in specialty windows and doors in the industry.  One of the reasons architects rely on Parrett to meet their most demanding specifications is the level of American craftsmanship inherent in their team. Parrett actually invites challenging specifications, simply because they have such skilled craftsmen that they can take on any type of specialty project.

While historic reproductions are a foundation of their business, Parrett also excels at new construction challenges. Luxury homes are a natural fit for Parrett because of their ability to meet the most exacting detail. Churches, universities and anyone who requires authentic historic reproductions use Parrett because of their high level of quality and the ability to meet any architectural challenge. Commercial buildings and hospitality use Parrett for their unique ability to blend in, stand out, and always perform.

Interested in finding out more? Visit our gallery of projects or contact Assured Corp to start the discussion about how Parrett’s specialty windows and doors will work for you.






Wood creates a natural glow and ambiance unmatchable by any other material. The sheer warmth and elegance of wood enriches both classic and contemporary themes. Whether showcasing a natural landscape or glittering view of the city, wood provides a unique framework of timeless tradition.  Durability, air & water resistance, and energy efficiency only enhances wood’s natural sustainability and eco-friendliness.  Click on the pages above to see more about our wood manufacturers, and look through our gallery to see what wood can do for your next project.