For Safety & Beauty Rolled into One, Choose Optimum.

Optimum is one of the most diversified manufacturer of steel fire-rated windows and doors in the United States. Started in 1986, the major reason for their rapid growth in the industry is their commitment to safety and design.  As a custom manufacturer, Optimum works with architects to create designs that meet the highest safety standards for fire-rated windows, with an artistry that flows effortlessly into your desired architectural theme.

Assured Corp chose to represent Optimum because they produce the premier fire-rated windows and doors in the industry. Using both hot and cold rolled steel to produce narrow sightlines and sturdier yet slimmer frames, these products stand up to the toughest standards in fire safety. Built to stand the test of both time and catastrophe, Optimum windows and doors provide life safety and property protection, combined with beauty and style to complement every architectural design.

Be delightfully surprised with the architectural beauty of Optimum’s windows and doors, and how easily they flow into your desired motif. Optimum is actually a natural choice for luxury residences because of their ability to create windows according to the architect’s design.  Contemporary themes in both residences and commercial buildings choose Optimum windows as a focal point, using the strength and the colors of the steel to enhance their original design. Optimum creates both traditional and arched profiles in their windows and doors, yielding yet even more options for commercial, residential and landmark buildings because of their ability to blend into traditional designs, or stand out in more contemporary ones.

Optimum windows and doors create comfort and security, combined with beauty and style to make your vision a reality.

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Steel’s soaring strength and timeless elegance make it a natural choice for themes designed to stand the test of time.  Steel offers beauty, performance, corrosion resistance and provides a framework to let your design soar. Function, flow, and structure meld effortlessly with traditional and modern designs. Click on the pages above to find out more about the steel products we carry, or skim through our gallery to see the breadth of possibilities steel can offer for your next project.