With Loewen, Time and Technology Makes All the Difference.

Loewen provides solid wood window & door systems tested by decades of experience and cutting edge technology. Manufactured in some of the harshest climates on the planet, each Loewen window is carefully produced to meet exacting standards and the highest ratings in energy efficiency and thermal performance.

Loewen is the leading production manufacturer in North America, and they produce the highest performing production windows in the industry. Loewen’s collection of wood windows and doors uses Douglas Fir, Mahogany, Alder and Ash, known for their durability and long-lasting beauty. These species combine beautiful artistry with superior performance, enhanced by the latest technology and commitment to excellence that Loewen in known for.

One of Loewen’s signature lines is the Cyprium Collection, marked by its copper and bronze clad designs, hand-wrought living surfaces with artisan style in every detail.  These windows and doors feature deep profiles and rich, tactile textures that create a timeless aesthetic and definitive character in every architectural design. Each door and window develops its own unique patina, a living finish influenced by the environment and the passing of time. The patinas provide a finishing touch to each piece of the Cyprium Collection, creating a piece of living design that is distinct and ever-changing.

Valued by architects and contractors because of their high quality products and outstanding service to its customers, Loewen’s windows and doors are built to fit a variety of architectural needs.  Luxury residences are a natural fit for Loewen because of their distinctive styles combined with superior weather and acoustic performance. Hospitality and other commercial buildings use Loewen because of their innovative designs, thicker glass and energy efficiency.  Designs that are required to withstand polar icecaps or Midwest winters choose Loewen because of their track record of endurance and beauty.

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Wood creates a natural glow and ambiance unmatchable by any other material. The sheer warmth and elegance of wood enriches both classic and contemporary themes. Whether showcasing a natural landscape or glittering view of the city, wood provides a unique framework of timeless tradition.  Durability, air & water resistance, and energy efficiency only enhances wood’s natural sustainability and eco-friendliness.  Click on the pages above to see more about our wood manufacturers, and look through our gallery to see what wood can do for your next project.